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Copy Container

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The mobile Copyboxx will come to your construction site. The daily provision of copying, plotting, scanning and filing usually requires the time-consuming and costly use of courier and data services. We will bring these services directly to your site to help you save emails, couriers and waiting times. The mobile Copyboxx will accommodate your specific requirements and needs directly on your construction site.

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KW: 29 - 18.07.2011 | News

Copy Container in Vienna

copyboxx Copy Container Vienna Central Station
Copyboxx serves Austria’s largest construction site! The impressive facts include: appr. € of capital expenditure, 550.000 sqm of office space, appr. 109 ha of total area, and a construction period of appr. 10 years. Since construction started, Copyboxx, with its powerful plotting center, has been serving construction partners such as Strabag AG, Alpine Bau GmbH, Porr GmbH, Pittel GmbH, Koller Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H., Gebrüder Haider Bau GmbH, Pichler GmbH, Assmont Steel Construction GmbH, Bauservice-Fuhs Gesellschaft m.b.H. and others directly on-site.

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