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The mobile Copyboxx will come to your construction site. The daily provision of copying, plotting, scanning and filing usually requires the time-consuming and costly use of courier and data services. We will bring these services directly to your site to help you save emails, couriers and waiting times. The mobile Copyboxx will accommodate your specific requirements and needs directly on your construction site.

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KW: 24 - 15.06.2011 | News

Hochtief Frankfurt acquires in-house Copyboxx plot center

Hochtief Frankfurt am Main
Source: google maps (03.11.2011)
To increase reliability and cost effectiveness, Hochtief Frankfurt has decided to outsource its in-house printing and plotting service to an external service provider on condition that work be carried out on-site the Hochtief premises. The long-term contract particularly regulates the acquisition of existing technology.The Copyboxx founders' extensive experience in providing in-house solutions as well as with the Hochtief enterprise proved to be significant factors in winning the award.
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