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Copy Container

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The mobile Copyboxx will come to your construction site. The daily provision of copying, plotting, scanning and filing usually requires the time-consuming and costly use of courier and data services. We will bring these services directly to your site to help you save emails, couriers and waiting times. The mobile Copyboxx will accommodate your specific requirements and needs directly on your construction site.

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In-house Solutions

Our dense branch network enables us to provide you with a comprehensive service range for analogous and digital reprography nationwide.

In addition to our mobile construction site service, we also offer to serve you on your corporate premises. With our expertise, we will enable you to achieve significant savings in your in-house printing, repro and copy shops, archive and mail stop. The following options are available here, individually or in combination:

  • Personnel take-over
  • Assumption of existing technology
  • Investment in new technology
  • Supply and servicing of all media technology including the required IT
  • Use / conversion of existing space
  • Outsourcing of your processes to our branches in order to optimize spatial and technical resources
  • Long-term optimization and supervision of your in-house work flow structures

When combining an in-house solution with our fleet service, all investments that may be required can be done without any financial input on your part. Similarly, a combination of in-house solutions and outsourcing can be explored. The latter is suitable particularly for complex requirements, for example in the context of filing where it is difficult to use customized in-house technology to full capacity.