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Copy Container

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The mobile Copyboxx will come to your construction site. The daily provision of copying, plotting, scanning and filing usually requires the time-consuming and costly use of courier and data services. We will bring these services directly to your site to help you save emails, couriers and waiting times. The mobile Copyboxx will accommodate your specific requirements and needs directly on your construction site.

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Printing Technology Fleet Service

We will equip your company with state-of-the-art printing and media technology by various manufacturers, at excellent conditions.

All financing, servicing and accounting is taken care of entirely by us. All you do is pay for the actual machine performance, of course at discounted conditions, without having to invest any capital. In addition to various positive environmental effects, the new machines will significantly reduce your energy bill. This will unburden your budget and relieve your bookkeeping. Billing and servicing will be fully automated. Our call center will be at your disposal to advice on complex problems. And should your technological needs require up- or downsizing, you benefit from the flexibility of a contract that does not bind you to long-term leasing and expensive compensation. We offer these services in both small and large sized formats to serve the full range of our clientele.